Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Morning glory question please?

it is getting out of control...with nowhere to vine....if i cut the top of it...will the rest still grow? or will it die?
Morning glory question please?
You can cutt back morning glories all you want to...The yellowing can simply be from the heat of the sun, or watering from above instead from the bottom or a calcium defiency..Sprinkle epsom salt at the base of the plants and then slightly water it will brighten the leaves up...use about a cup for every 4 feet of ground that the morning glories are planted in..
Reply:cutting back your vine will not effect its growth in any negative way-it will help to thicken it up if anything.

The yellowing may be a deficiency, are the older leaves are yellowing first? If so, try fertilizing it with a nitrogen rich fertilizer, one for lawns/palms etc would be fine. Use a soluble product (one that is a powder that you mix with water) so as the plant can absorb it immediately.

I dont think it will hurt your vine to trim it back some I have trimmed mine back for years and it dont hurt them ,its hard to kill a morning glory, if you have leaves yellowing it may be the runners are wrapping to tight around the branch and chocking it, if so cut the runner and remove it
Reply:don't fertilize a morning'll get lotsa leaves and little if any flowers......glories are plants of the field, where there's rarely anything like fertilzers!!!....they do best with less fussin'....
Reply:yes. in fact if you cut the top a bit it will grow much thicker with many more flowers also it will grow a bit shorter, but wider

Morning glory (cloud in australia) and the northern lights?

who's seen either of these in real life and what do you think!

I really wanna go travelling and i want to see them what wud be the best time to go!
Morning glory (cloud in australia) and the northern lights?
When I was drilling in Big Bell in Western Aust, just out of Cue I saw the Southern Aurora one night when I was on night-shift and it lasted at least 6 hours..

Here is a site with some pics taken in Tassie, this looks almost identical as to what we saw in WA back in '82...

In Light... )O(
Reply:Never heard of morning glory but the northern lights can be seen from Alaska. they are beautiful and they are spectrums from the way the sun hits our atmosphere. Have some fun
Reply:HAHA Morning glory...hahaha...ha...Anyway, Ive never seen either of them, but they both sound beautiful.

Morning glory grinding?

I have no machine i can use to grind them and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to grind them i tried smashing them with a hammer but they just shoot off
Morning glory grinding?
Maybe the seeds are trying to tell you something. First check out Then use a coffee grinder or soak them overnite and chew, chew, chew. I knew a guy that used the coffee grinder in the grocery store, just don't get caught. When I tried them I got nothing out of it. RScott
Reply:I soak mine for a couple of days, then put them between 2 layers of sandpaper and rub the sheets together. It must work, or I wouldn't have Morning Glory crawling all the way up the staircase outside my apartment every Summer.

I have also had success just planting the seeds in the late fall, before the ground freezes. They have all winter to soften up, and when Spring comes, they start popping out of the ground. I discovered this about 5 years ago. I didn't plant any seeds at all, and they came up where I had planted them the year before and didn't pull out the old plants or remove the flowers from the fence--they reseeded themselves. Now I just dig in a few seeds here and there in November and I have a great crop of Morning Glories come Summer Be sure to mix in some Moonflowers, they look awesome together, since the Morning Glories open during the day, and the Moonflowers at night.
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  • Morning Glory or Sanrio? I like them both but wat do u think is better?

    Sanrio! Yay hello kitty! lol Idk what morning glory is, so i dont pick that one. =)

    Morning glory and horse-tail problem.?

    Does anyone out there know some special tricks to eradicate or at least control these weeds? I've been digging them out by hand, going as deep as 18" in some cases to get to the main roots and removing every trace of them but it seems to be getting worse.
    Morning glory and horse-tail problem.?
    Horse tail (Equisetum) is hard to get rid of, check out these links for tips:

    What kind of morning glory do you have? There are a lot of plants with that commong name...

    Reply:Spray with Round Up - it kills everything!

    I just ate 130 morning glory seeds wtf is gonna happen?

    10 minutes and my legs are throbing

    My question is what is all the types of plant belong in the morning glory group?

    I have an strange plant in my yard, I don't know if it's a weed or plant. The leaves close up in the evening time and open back up in the morning. It's slender and the stalk is a quarter thick or a little bit bigger. The limbs spread as wide as my arms and now it's taller than me now. I'm 5'4" in height.
    My question is what is all the types of plant belong in the morning glory group?
    A Yahoo search for "morning glories" (include the quotation marks in the search box) yields 962,000 results. If you do the same search, and are willing to spend a little time exploring, I'm sure that you will quickly find the information you seek.

    Good luck with your search.
    Reply:Any plant type with the name convulvulous in it is in the morningglory family. Hope that helps. Keep diggin' in the dirt! Report It
    Reply:yeppers, I have been told that the leaves on a morning glory close at night. Bee Veeery careful

    if'n you have children. The seeds from this plant are poisonious.